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Official Selection at the Hermetic International Film Festival

We are excited to announce our selection to the Hermetic International Film Festival 2020. The festival is a "rich esoteric spectrum including 66 films of diverse genres" and is based in Venice, Italy. Please check out their website for more details and we'll keep you updated with dates and time of the online screening.

Hermetic International Film Festival Manifesto:

A truly unique film festival overtly dedicated to the domain of Hermetica: The Unorthodoxy underlying the mainstream intellectual history, the neglected Heterodoxy rooted in our cultural legacy, the eternal search for understanding the Inexplicable, the everlasting fascination for the Supramundane, the timeless allure of the Supernatural.

The quest for the meaning of life and its destiny has led to emerge a sort of Otherness in culture, which despite being systematically silenced, nevertheless has subterraneously forged the pivot of every civilization and even though vehemently opposed by dominant elites for being high potentially befriending and liberating of mind or kept hidden by the adepts bona or mala fide for the time being and also later on for quite the same reasons, succeeded of transmuting itself in a Tradition passed down by a chain of initiates. Since times of yore, up till the present.

Because today, this vast system of concealed knowledge, this ancient wisdom – yet capable of being profoundly innovative -, once hermetically sealed has been opened up for the sake of anybody, who wants to see behind the curtains of visible reality.

The occult sciences  – notably Alchemy, Astrology, Natural Magic –  have been the prelude of ensuing scientific discoveries, the very base of them in the antiquity and premodern world, plumbing once as well in less remote times the secrets of nature thoroughly inspired by the highest principles. The arcane, although it has always been sold and perceived as the flip side of the civilization process, never stopped being a silent companion of even modern and postmodern culture, as for unexpectedly finding the faith in the occult also at the very core of modern beliefs and ideologies, as cultural studies in the field of Esotericism state. “Nous n’avons jamais été modernes.”

Looking at the phenomenon of esotericism in this way, occult philosophy, the ancient concealed wisdom becomes thus a matrix of every alternative system of thought, as the esoteric tradition our most genuine counter-culture heritage, as much as the hermetic cults ultimately stand for nothing less as pluralism in religion, diversity in society and syncretism of experiences.

From graven images, believed attracting cosmic powers inside themselves, upon the Medieval iconography or the Renaissance Emblematica, Hermeticism has always been terrifically visionary.

Captured in motion pictures, in the language of today, boosted with visual effects, mysterious old new visions and “enchanted” worldviews can enlighten the prosaic of every day, illuminating the dark side of existence and revealing the Permanent, the Perpetual, the Sacrosanct.

Your work will shed light on this path of human search for the Divine. Join in and discover the world between the Microcosmos and the Macrocosmos!


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