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The Way of the Psychonaut is more than a documentary, it's a portal to a rich world of resources and information. Learn about all of Stan’s work, the visionaries who complemented his research, and how to connect with your psyche through a community of global practitioners.



...the depths of your unconscious through Stan's breathwork technique, which he developed to connect people to the depths of their mind. Find trained facilitators around the world at Grof Foundation Community.


...Transpersonal Psychology, the school of psychology Stan founded with Abraham Maslow and Tony Sutich, that recognizes the spiritual nature of the human psyche. Additionally, earn a certificate in Psychdedlic-Assisted Therapies & Research from CIIS.


...yourself in Dr. Stan Grof’s incredible body of work, including events, books, articles, interviews, media, art and more. Additionally, find links to fellow visionaries that have worked with Stan and their collaborations.

    The Way of the Psychonaut (Volumes I & II) | Stan Grof's Books
    Heffter Research Institute | CIIS (California Institute of Intergral Studies) | MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies) | Beckley Foundation | Usona Institute | ICEERS (International Center for Ethnobotanical Education Research & Service) | ERIE (Entheogenic Research Integration & Education) | National Science Foundation | John Hopkins University | New York University | University of Wisconsin | Harvard University | University of Cambridge | University of Oxford | Stanford University
    Erowid | IONS (Institute of Noetic Sciences)
    DMT: The Spirit Molecule | From Shock to Awe | Ayahuasca & Huachuma | A New Understanding
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