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What makes Stan Grof remarkable is the legacy of resources that has resulted from his life’s work.

EXPLORE the depths of your unconscious through Holotropic Breathwork – a technique that Stan and his late wife Christina developed to connect people to the depths of their psyche. Work with one of the many trained facilitators around the world who can guide you through the experience.  Click image below to search Facilitators at Grof Foundation Community.

weblink for holotropic breathwork facilitators
(Click Image)

EARN a certificate for Psychedelic Assisted Therapy and learn the intricacies of sitting for a psychedelic session, providing support and guidance for another’s deep inner journey, at the California Institute for Integral Studies.

weblink for Certificate in Psychedelic Assisted Therapies Research, at CIIS
(Click Image)

STUDY Transpersonal Psychology, the school of psychology Stan founded with Abraham Maslow and Tony Sutich, that recognizes the spiritual nature of the human psyche.

weblink for Transpersonal Psychology degree program at CIIS
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IMMERSE yourself in Stan Grof’s incredible body of work, and find links to fellow visionaries and their work.

weblink to Stan Grof's website
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