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Happy Birthday, Stan!

Join us for Humanity Rising's 90th Birthday celebration for Stan Grof, with special guests Paul Grof and Stan's wife, Brigitte

July 1st, 8 AM PT - click here to join

Many thanks to Jim Garrison and Ubiquity University for creating these tributes, which began in January 2021. Each month, Stan and Brigitte joined the many visionaries who honored Stan for his remarkable contributions. Shared moments from their past collaborations, combined with Stan's curiosity about their continuing work, made for wonderful conversations.

For access to the six previous monthly sessions, click on the links below:

Richard Tarnas

Becca Tarnas, Renn Butler, Will Keepin

Diane Haug, Rick Doblin, Brigitte Grof

Maria Mangini, Jack Kornfield, Paul Grof

Rupert Sheldrake, Will Keepin

Richard Tarnas, Michael Murphy, Jim Hickman


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