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“If I am the father of LSD. Stan Grof is the godfather. Nobody has contributed as much as Stan for the development of my problem child."


~Albert Hofmann, discoverer of LSD

How Psychedelics
Changed My Life

Screening of

The Way of the Psychonaut 

& panel with special guests


Stan & Brigitte Grof  

Susan Hess Logeais

Special Guests

Rick Doblin    Dennis McKenna


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A single documentary film cannot begin to contain the full scope of the insights Stan Grof developed during his 60 year career. Stan was a pioneer in human consciousness research, and one of the primary psychiatrists who developed psychedelic psychotherapy. He later worked with Abraham Maslow and Anthony Sutich to become one of the founders and chief theoreticians of Transpersonal Psychology. While at The Esalen Institute as Scholar-in-Residence for 14 years, he developed Holotropic Breathwork with his late wife, Christina, and founded the International Transpersonal Association.

Furthermore, The Way of the Psychonaut is more than a documentary honoring Stan Grof. It serves as a portal, through which viewers can discover information and resources that can change their lives. The project’s website provides access to full interviews and in-depth explanations, letting the community dive deeper into the concepts explored. Connect with the visionaries that influenced Stan and support his discoveries. Links to courses, documentaries, lectures, and more are available through the site. It is time to share Stan’s findings in an experiential way that reaches past cultural filters, and invites viewers to continue the journey after the final credits roll. Our collective future depends on it.


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